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Are you scared witless for your out-of-control teen?

Do you stay up at night worrying and feeling guilty, wondering how things got so bad?

Can you barely function at work because of the stress and lack of sleep?

Do you wonder if the next call will be from the ER, the police, or even the morgue?

It’s not too late to turn things around. There are positive action steps you can take right now to help your teen and support yourself through these tough times.

I know. I lived it for years with my own teen. And now, my child is thriving as a healthy young adult and member of our family. 

I have so much empathy for where you are now. So I wrote this book to help and support you.

I share from my own experience and those of my coaching clients, including:

  • Three beliefs that may stop you from turning things around
  • Why it’s not just your teen that’s causing you misery and what you can do about it
  • Steps you can take to reduce your stress and feel calmer no matter what
  • An easy technique that can disrupt the negative patterns in your relationship with your teenager
  • How to help your teen stay safe

You are not alone. There is hope and you can regain control over your life while loving and supporting your teenager.

Get instant access to your copy of Surviving Your Out-of-Control Teen: A Mom’s Guide to Loving Your Child Through the Difficult Times While Keeping Your Sanity Intact. Just $9.99!

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