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Do you wish your teenager would show more responsibility, be less angry, act more respectfully, complete (and turn in!) homework assignments, and do something other than electronics?

Have you done all the nagging, bribing, threatening, crying, rulemaking, reasoning, and punishing you can stand?

Do you wish they would do what you tell them to do without backtalk, just once?

Do you love your teen, but sometimes don’t like them?

You can’t control your teenager. But you can still change what’s happening in your home. You can reduce the amount of conflict with your teen and stop feeling so angry and fed up – without forcing changes on your teen.

In this book, I show:

  • What to do when you are fed up and feel stuck
  • Why your teenager is so sarcastic, disorganized and angry (it’s normal!)
  • How to get more cooperation from your teen
  • When you should take big action, such as sending your teen to a wilderness program
  • How to reduce conflict with your teen and bring peace back to your home

It may seem impossible that you and your teenager will ever see eye to eye again. 

But you can not only say farewell to anger, frustration and irritation, you can strengthen your connection with your teenager. This book guides you on how to do it.

Get instant access to your copy of Crazy Little Thing Called Teens: The Mom’s Guide to Stopping the Conflict and Bringing Peace to Your Home for just $9.99!

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